LFN 1210 Special Assignment
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LFN 1224-Food Production Systems II

1. To teach principles and improve skills on biology, breeding techniques, nursery management, larval rearing, and culture techniques of of native & exotic ornamental aquatic fauna.

2. To provide knowledge and skills on biology, propagation, nursery management and culture techniques of  ornamental aquatic flora.

3. To provide opportunities to obtain hands-on experience and familiarize with farming techniques of ornamental fauna & flora.

4. To improve knowledge and basic principles of planning and designing an ornamental fish farm.
5. To provide exposure to develop knowledge and skills necessary to be an entrepreneur/manager in the  ornamental fish and aquatic plant industry.

At the successful completion of the course, students will be able to;

1. identify commercially important ornamental fishes and aquatic plants,

2. execute culture techniques of ornamental fish and aquatic plants,

3. demonstrate brood stock management and breeding techniques for a given ornamental fish species,

4. recognize and demonstrate different propagation methods of aquatic plant species,
5. design and assess culture facilities for different ornamental fish and aquatic plants.

6. explain legislation, traits and Acts pertaining to local and export ornamental fauna and flora industry.


Continuous assessment of the learning outcomes will be done through practical reports, assignment, presentations and field visit reports etc. The end semester examination (summative assessment) will be based on  end semester theory and practical examinations. Marks will be allocated as follows.


    Proportion of the credit value of theory and practical practical components to the total credit value is  (2:1)

Marks allocation for continuous assessments

Unannounced quiz                                                25 %

Assignments/Presentations                               30 %

Practical reports/field visit reports                   45 %

Marks allocation for summative assessments

Total summative marks will be the sum of End semester theory (67% ) and and semester practical (33% ). This percentage values represent the 3:1 ratio of the total credit value of theory and practical components.

Calculation of final marks
The contribution of the total summative and the continuous assessment marks for the final mark calculation is 80%   and 20% respectively.

Course coordinator:          Dr. W.M.H.K. Wijenayake (Email: wmhiranyakelum@gmail.com)

                                                Ms. Chathuri Walpita

                                                Mr. Samantha Gunasekara


Demonstrator incharge:   Ms. Fathima Rimaza

Students should comply with the following requirements of the course to be eligible for end semester examination.

1. 80% attendance in theory, practical and field visits
2. Successful completion of all assignments and continuous assessment
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