BSc(Plantation Management) New Syllabus  from 2021

Socio-economic, Policy and Legal Environment for Plantation Mgt.

Aim of the Course: To provide the students with first-hand information needed to understand and critically evaluate the various facets of development of a country, in general, and development of plantation sector and agriculture sector in Sri Lanka, in particular.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student should be able to;

  • · Use different measurements and development indicators to assess the socio-economic development of Sri Lanka in relation to other countries.
  • · Explain the basic theories that can be used to develop an economy and applicability of which to the development of plantation sector in particular.
  • · Explain the role of human resources, technology, research and legal environment in the process of economic development.
  • · Describe, by comparing & contrasting, the different types of plans, programs and projects that can be used as well as strategies available to develop the plantation sector.
  • · Critically evaluate the key strengths and weakness of agricultural policy scenarios/frameworks with special reference to land, price, credit, food, marketing and environmental policies.
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