Moodle Feedback vs Questionnaire


Both feedback and questionnaire activities are easy to set up by teachers without any hassle. Anyone who had used web-based questionnaires/surveys before will find them familiar. Each includes the options to choose:

1. Whether the students will be able to see the results.

2. Limit the number of attempts for the survey.

3. Create different types of non-graded questions

4. Restrict activity and Activity completion settings to control the release of course resources to students.

5. Both of them support templates. You can easily create and save survey templates for reuse.


Although similar in nature, the plugin has some basic differences like:

1. You can use the Questionnaire plugin to encourage the students to complete a questionnaire. You may choose to award the student a grade upon completion. Whereas the feedback activity is not graded.

2. The questionnaire allows to save and resume the answers. This feature allows the users to leave the questionnaire unfinished and resume from the saved point at a later time.

3. The questionnaire also allows to create branching questions. This feature allows you to create Yes/No and Radio type questions to have child questions depending on the students' choice.

4. The other difference is the question types